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06-Feb-2018 18:34

In a recent survey conducted by a matrimonial website, a whopping 51.9 per cent women said that they want their prospective spouses to help in household chores.

While, 39.5 per cent want a spouse with culinary skills.

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• There are many reasons as to why a woman would postpone going to the police to lodge a complaint.

Although he wasn't a virgin, he had taken an oath of celibacy after the last ugly breakup.

: I never had any luck making a relationship work well when it was based on sex. I just mean the mind games people play where they have to wait three dates or one month or some arbitrary number. I don't think we're having sex as much as we did the first year we were dating but it's still good, and I think for two really busy people, we are definitely still having an above-average amount of sex. In fact, the longer the wait, the better — the better you get to know someone, and the better they get to know you.

It is often observed that these things are mostly shocks and not surprises.

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A guy who seemed open-minded when you met during courtship, suddenly seems an alien after staying together for a few days.

"Tall, dark and handsome" has now been replaced by "broadminded, understanding and a good cook." While both men and women are known to fantasise about their prospective spouses, what makes it more exciting are the expectations they have.

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