Being too accommodating

20-Nov-2017 16:32

Are you one of those people who find themselves being taken for granted all the time? But somewhere along the way, you start to realize that the people that love you are taking you and the things you do for them for granted almost all the time! And you may go out of your way often to please your lover and pamper them.

But what do you do when your indulgences are taken for granted and turn into expectations?

I believe it is very important that if children are coming into the marriage that they be recognized or participate in some aspect of the wedding ceremony itself.

In this chapter, the Commission explores the practical effects of the ADA.

By understanding and addressing the issues surrounding the actual effects of the ADA, policymakers, legislatures, and private organizations will be better able to embrace the ADA and strive to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities.

Should you blame the person taking you for granted? When you indulge in romantic gestures all the time without caring about your lover’s reciprocation, or when you’re too sweet and nice to your lover or a friend all the time without ever letting them realize that you’re going way out of your way to do something nice for them, it’s pretty obvious that they’d take you for granted because they don’t realize the effort you’ve made for them!

[Read: 10 relationship deal breakers that can shatter your romance] Can you blame someone when they have no idea about the effort you’ve taken for them?

As long as I can remember, my hyper-sensitivity has been a running theme in my life.

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