Intimidating meaning urban dictionary

04-Sep-2017 05:41

It has been noted that philosophers in the mould of Nostradamus and Albert Einstein have stated that the name Steve should be put away because it would be difficult for any young male to have such a burden placed on their shoulders.

However this theory was rebuked by the AOS (Association of Steve's) who correctly suggested that once a child is named Steve they can automatically take upon such a mantle, as with the name they are the recipient of much greatness, authority and laid-backednesss.

Here's Trump's explanation: Only one use of "schlonged" as a verb came from a respected political source.

It sounds like something you'd hear at the end of a climactic beer pong game.

A finesse, in that same scenario, might involve persuading the subject that his money would go toward buying him something.

can be written by anyone (and sometimes I think 14-year-old boys write a lot of them), it's safer and more reliable to stick to professional dictionaries for anything other than hard-to-find definitions of slang. I'm wondering how a word as fly can become an adjective with the meanings indicated above.

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