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16-Dec-2017 07:51

I want to run some neural networks and machine learning algorithms like face tracking with the input from a robotic camera (PTZ) to control the camera's motion and access the loudspeaker.

I plan to buy Foscam's R2 but I have no experience with IP cameras.

You need to find out through your camera documentation if your camera requires HTTP or RTSP ports forwarded or both. The idea is that the port needs to be accessible outside of your network. Type "What is my IP address" into a Google Search bar in order to find out.

Most of the time the default RTSP port is 554 and the default HTTP port is 80. Take a look at the screenshot from this D-Link router to get an idea of what this area may look like on your router, then go to to find out where to find this area on your router: 2. Use the Open Port Check Tool to find out if it's working!

If that's the case, you'll need to adjust the settings on the camera accordingly. Maybe your camera manufacturer offers a free DDNS service. To save those resources we provide a 10 minute timeout. Keep in mind that your webcam must be manually started.

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As far as I understood ONVIF specifies a standard and I found some C# ONVIF tutorials on Youtube but I am still not sure if that means there definitely is an API for the R2 that lets me do all the things I need. Also, can I connect the camera directly to a raspberry pi and avoid to use it over the network and access the functionality directly?July 8, 2016 [Update] I’ll reached out to the company which got back to me today and told me that they are working on fixes for the problems.I’ve also changed my cam from wired to wireless mode today and the app sent the wpa2 password via UDP to the Internet in the clear – I’m glad I used a separate SSID and password for this ;-). [/Update] In my last blog post I’ve written about Io T devices and their bad security and what you can do to mitigate that on a network level – what I didn’t know that I would have such a device in my hands only days later.The camera is able to communicate over wifi, but to get maximum reliability, it will be connected to the raspi through an ethernet cable.

Independently, a wifi dongle is used to communicate with the home router (e.g.Looking at the network traffic I saw a HTTP request to api4.and guess what was the content of that POST request? Something funny – you need to enter the password twice to guard against typing errors … why not compare them on the client and send the request only if they match?

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