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"Strode was just handing me her toxicology report." He handed the file to Gus who immediately realized what the results were."This is the same stuff anesthesiologists use to put people under."Shawn looked over his friend's shoulder. "Gus, please for once could you pretend to not know this I'm only thinking of your coolness factor, which just plunged to a negative.""C'mon son." Gus quipped before his brow furrowed in confusion. "Hey Jules."She smiled back before composing herself."You know, that stuff's almost impossible to get unless she was in a hospital. "Woody found this on the body." Juliet presented a beaded necklace with a stone pendant that was solid black on the backside and green with gold on the front. I just got done showing the chief and she wants you to see what you can ." Juliet stressed the last word and looked at Shawn.Two men burst unceremoniously through the doors of the SBPD, soaked to the bone."Will this rain ever stop? "Carlton happened to just be coming upstairs and their antics had caught his attention. Shrugging in unison, both men trailed after the head detective. We have a victim, Hispanic female, mid to late 30s." Shawn complained as he shook off his windbreaker, re-soaking his friend Gus all over again. This time though, it was a welcome intrusion, because it saved the head detective from having to call them in. We found her in the truck of a car off Elm Street."Shawn nodded, frowning."Like all men, there comes a point where you have to acknowledge that, 'OK, we're not that young anymore.

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Fictional as their familial bonds may be, it still feels a little... Dated: 2007 - 2010Serial killer Dexter and his foul-mouthed, adopted, detective sister, Deborah, shared a romantic interest both on and off screen.

It's been a long time coming, but Roday is all too familiar with the TV graveyard filled with shows that died after their lead characters coupled up.